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Lawrence Edwards conducted fascinating research into the application of projective geometry to the forms of plants, eggs and hearts.  In memory of him some of his collaborators and friends have formed a group to further the work he started.  The proceedings of the inaugural meeting, in the form of individual summaries of the presentations, are available for download on the Reports page.   We are looking for people to help with this research as we need researchers in many parts of the world.  The practical aspects of what would be involved are described on the Procedures page, while the background is described on the Research page.  Basically this means willingness to take photographs, ideally every day, but in any case consistently through the Winter months.  As it was for Lawrence Edwards and others, it is a labour of love: no salary unfortunately!

If you would like to be involved or to receive more information please contact us via the following conference:

                    Maillist: vortexoflifeconference. Subscribe:


We would also like to hear from you if you have constructive suggestions or comments.

NOTE  the Supplements and Sequals are now available in PDF format (see)